a complete list of mods made by Hexen Star and the HMT team

If you are using model packs - make a fresh install of Doomsday to play
these mods in their full glory.

Also, do not forget to include each mod's DEFINITIONS FILE, otherwise it will not work!!!

You can download a fully tested version of Doomsday in the downloads section
                              ~ NO 3D MODELS - ONLY DD MODELS ~

WRATH OF MAGIC :Farewell Edition (ver.1) - this refined Heretic mod remakes and redesigns everything, - transforming Heretic into a Hexen/Hexen-2 inspired dark fantasy action-classic atmosphere to the old favorite. (the mod is currently in development)
It replaces and enhances a ton of things in the original Heretic: weapons, enemies, backgrounds, sounds, deaths, objects - even LEVEL DESIGN(!) It gives a whole new feel to playing Heretic.

LEGEND: The Glory of Battle (Farewell Edition ver8.2) - the flagship mod of the Hexen Mage Tower. All-classics inspired mod features a full gameplay and design remake-revamp of Hexen - from old and boring textures, monsters  and weapons - to new blazing arsenal, style, animations, special effects and opposition. It features revised and extended levels making it almost twice the size of the original with plenty of new twists and surprises!                                                                        This one took a lot of work and is worth playing time and again for any Hexen fan.
Finally, it is the time when we can all enjoy this truly epic battle bloodfest!

THE MARINE MOD - This mod brings two additional characters to the world of Hexen: Legend - the Glory of Battle. And these two pack some serious firepower! Expect big guns, shells, cells, rockets, reworked gameplay and lots of badass action!

GOTHIC CHAPTER - a mod for classic Doom series which provides a full gothic makeover and some additional re-decoration of weapons and levels. A must have classic mod! (Development suspended until summer 2017)

CORVUS MOD - a very neat Hexen mod that allows you to play Hexen with Corvus - the original Hero of the saga. Corvus has his own custom weapons and is NOT a
cleric-class Hexen character. Corvus has his own gameplay style, changes and tricks. LEGEND-8 // 8.1 // Farewell Edition - comes with Corvus mod integrated.

CLERIC MOD - since in Legend:The Glory of Battle there is no Cleric character by default, so this mod re-inserts Cleric back into the Legend-powered Hexen. Cleric comes with some new and some of his original weapons - which have been given a little makeover to make things more interesting. And now Cleric is all armed and ready to rejoin the Heroes of Hexen once again. Unlike Corvus mod, this one has to be downloaded and used with Legend in the Doomsday WADs menu.

DOOM-3 BRAVO - Yes. It is a mod for DOOM3! It is a must-have mod for playing Doom3 and it is the best there is in it's department!!! It fixes a the few highly annoying fuck-ups of Doom3.
Such as adding cool colored flashlight with weapons, removing the ridiculous chaingun spin-up delay, replacing all the toy sounds of Doom3 with real mean gun effects, and adding a couple of weapon tweaks. There are many Doom3 mods of this category around, but i dare you try this one! If you are looking for the features that it offers - you won't be disappointed!!!



NMD:RECHARGED - This mod was proclaimed a failure, is considered defunct, and have been deleted from all archives. Instead the "Gothic Chapter" mod is being developed.

THE DARK NMD - an alternative and exclusive to Hexen Mage Tower weapon pack mod for DOOM games. The mod is defunct.

INFERNO - a weapons Total Conversion and other graphic enhancements mod
for Hexen. Pretty good at it's own time, but now it is obsolete and is removed from the site.

TECHNORAGE - a futuristic robo-mod for Doom series. This one had sci-fi weaponry and robots all over it in techno style. It was a completed project, but it was removed from the site as i lost interest in it and no longer update it for a couple of years.

WOLF1942 - this mod, as it was fashionable at the time - brought the Wolfenstein into Doom. The mod had all kind of wolfy sprites and graphics, and more than that, plus it's main feature was custom WW2 weapons made from scratch, and not those ugly sticks that other modmakers put into Wolfenstein-Doom conversions.
Alas, the mod was never completed due to lack of background textures and eventual loss of interest in that theme.