meet the new heroes:

The Marine - your traditional Doom-style commando, he uses classic weapons such as the shotgun and chaingun and has a couple of other tricks up his sleeve. With that said, this Marine is not a mere code copy-paste from Doom to Hexen. This Marine has a different balance, gameplay and is custom-designed specifically for Hexen.

In the mod, he appears as a Mage-class character, but  is very well-versed at all-distance combat situations,  once you get to know his playstyle. He is also the harder of the two warriors to play with. Originally,  the Marine was the only character in the mod and the difficulty was tailor-made for his skills, but in the end - it turned out that there was enough material to create another bad-ass soldier in his image.

According to the new storyline, he transcended to a parallel timeline not without some  help from Tyranith, the mysterious hero of Hexen-2 to aid him in the mighty quest which has claimed the lives of other known and unknown would be adventurers.


The Sergeant - the 2nd gun toting warrior in the world of Hexen follows the Marine through the arcane portal to investigate the events which brought about the disappearance of his friend.

This character uses completely different balance of arms and combat approach. In the mod, he appears as a Fighter-class character. And though he has some similarities to the classic Hexen Fighter, yet his battle skills are much more diverse. Arguably, he is the easier hero to play among the two.

The Sergeant benefits greatly from close combat and can literally decimate foes at short range.

With that said, both characters are well adept at any battle scenario, albeit using different tools to achieve victory, - but the mod was intended to be made in a way so that everything comes in handy, and nothing is useless.

what's changed?

The Marine Mod has indeed a good number of significant feature changes

1. Opposition - a much harder enemy arrangement awaits you in the Marine mod. Think about a middle ground between Deathkings and Hexen. And, unlike either - and unlike Legend mod itself, this time you will face both Wraiths and Black Gargoyles which don't go down easily, backed up by considerably increased number of Slaughtaurs, Werebeasts and upgraded barrage-firing Serpent Riders.

Stalkers also have received a significant reinforcement, and now can also appear not only in water but also in lava. All that makes for some cool fights and deadly ambushes. Get ready for some unexpected and big surprises.

2. Defense - with that many ranged enemies, the Marine Mod had to give you equal chances to evade enemy fire. The number of Discs of Repulsion has been significantly increased in the levels. A solid part of the fighting is based around this item: both as a projectile shield and to keep enemies at distance. So take advantage!  Also, the concept of cover is now more than relevant to the game. With some enemies you simply must manage the fight using immediate cover such as stones and trees. 

3. Weapons and items - the enemies have different strengths and weaknesses, and some are particularly vulnerable (or invulnerable) when attacked by certain weapons. All weapons have the more efficient  tactics of use....and the inefficient kind as experiment with everything and create your own ultimate battlefest!

4. Ice Flechette & Fire Flechette - do not underestimate the power of these items, or the tactical changes made to them. These are very efficient killing tools. (and yes, it is a hidden reference, one among many in the Marine Mod)

5. Decoration - all levels have undergone a significant internal re-decoration and by now they all look  richer, more appealing and way more fun to spend your medieval battle-time there. This was one of the most fun things to do - to finally turn Hexen into a fantasy land that it was meant to be in the first place.

6. Exploration - Marine Mod has not only more enemies, but also more items, some of these are well hidden. So it does pay off more than ever to check out everything, even some well-forgotten or previously undiscovered secret places.  As if that wasn't enough, some rather critical weapon pieces may just be located not where you're used to see them....

7. New LEGEND VERSION - The Marine Mod uses an updated version of Legend - version 8.1,  It is, so far INCOMPATIBLE with Deathkings, but perfectly works as an add-on with Legend solo, if you're not too afraid of the challenge...

8. New storyline - last but certainly not least, our heroes have new storyline each, and it comes with new ending, artwork and all that. Cosmetics, i know, but a nice touch nonetheless.

Just as with everything else down here at HMT, whatever starts small - ends up very big. ENJOY THE GAME!!!