how to run Hexen Marine Mod  / Sergeant Pack


Marine mod / Sergeant Pack works on Doomsday Engine ONLY and requires the Legend 8.1:Farewell Edition (no support for obsolete versions) - and It will not function without it, since it is partially dependant on it's scripts, graphics and other features. Marine Mod is a DLC to Legend 8.1, and the Sergeant Pack is basically a total conversion of the Marine Mod.

Thus, the Marine Mod and Sergeant Pack have only a limited compatibility with each other and hence should be played in a separate order.

To play the Marine Mod you will need Marine mod files and the Mage class character, difficulty 4 or above. Make sure that Sergeant Pack is not running or is disabled when playing the Marine Mod.

To play the Sergeant Pack - you will need the Sergeant files and the Fighter class character, difficulty 4 or above. Make sure that you do not try to play the as the Marine while the Sergeant Pack is running.

Each mod uses different commands and variables within certain complex scripts and loading both mods together with wrong characters will create abnormalities, glitches, random crashes, graphic corruption and other unpleasantries.

Load and play each mod with it's correct file-specific setup. We did warn you. 

The Dungeons level, beside being the most beautiful one in Hexen, now greets you with some truly sick battle sequences! Stalkers in lava, upgraded Riders and Slaughtaurs all over the place...good luck!


To run the Marine Mod:

1. Load Legend: Farewell Edition  as usual in the Doomsday WADS menu and it's corresponding *.ded file in the Doomsday DEFINITIONS  menu.

2. Add Marine.wad to the Doomsday WADS menu.

3.. Add L8_Marine.ded to the Doomsday DEFINITIONS menu.

4. Select Mage character difficulty 4 or above. PLAY!


To run the Sergeant Pack:

1. Leave the above structure of the Doomsday menus as it is and add Sergeant.wad to the WADS menu.

2.AddSergeant_Enhanced.ded to the DEFINITIONS menu.

3. Select Fighter character, difficulty 4 or above....PLAY!

4. To return to the Marine Mod  - disable the Sergeant Pack, to do so - unclick the checkboxes for Sergeant Pack files in all of the Doomsday menus.