A few helpful hints....

Things aren't as they used to be in the World of Hexen...expect numerous changes!


1. Brute force is never the way: fight tactically. And, use items, use magic - Legend is generous with it.

2. Learn to block projectiles with the Repulsion Discs. Get this into a habit.

3. Learn and take advantage of specific weapons' strengths and maximize them.

4. Alternative (and secret) routes may be found to overcome some deadly places.

5. Don't fall into wells without a way out.

6. About 40-50% of the items are hidden, in a classic style. Wolf 3D, Heretic and Quake2 say hello :-)

7. Almost all of the secret places have some kind of a logical clue as to where they are. Sometimes, this clue is obvious - other times it is as far from obvious as it gets. The ones that don't have such clue - these are usually located in places where a secret is most likely to have been placed. If you are well versed in the old-school shooters, you should be more than fine.

8. Explore, seek, discover!

Enjoy the game!