GOTHIC CHAPTER: how it all began...

Many years ago we all have come to know and love the unforgettable game of the millenium: "DOOM". And what a game it was...Hell - it still is!
But for me and my friends the introduction to DOOM was, however, not on it's native PC platform. We have learned about and started playing DOOM on the 3DO Interactive Multiplayer console. A lucky coincidence of the fact that by those distant days - we simply didn't own a PC.

3DO Doom had it's shortcomings. Mainly, it had a kinda slow framerate - which could be somewhat improved if you shrank the screen. Plus, you couldn't save game at any point. (there was an odd level checkpoint system) But that's it. And believe you me - we did overcome these flaws in no time and with flying colors. Harder difficulties were no problem, tactics were developed, secrets shared and mastery admired.
Basking in the magnificent rock soundtrack of the game we enjoyed traversing the dark gothic corridors, ominous catacombs and spartan military tunnels out for the kills, more kills and secret areas.

But then time passed, we've all made some money and got our computers - after a while we got all the major league PC shooters with the Doom games in the center of it. And oh my...what a disappointment it was! Forget the music, forget the atmosphere, forget the fun: instead we got several dozens of most abhorrent textures ever - instead of castles and eerie catacombs we received levels layered top to bottom with vomit, piss, shit, pig skins and only Hell knows what else infests the "deco" style of the PC Doom games. Beyond all of it - the music was just as abhorrent. Pathetic 1-cent MIDI-renditions of what should have been. It was a DISASTER. Even a neat framerate didn't make us play it more than a few levels. Further frustration was discovered when we played Playstation Doom version. While it didn't have the wonderful music of 3DO - yet the levels were styled just as nicely as in 3DO. A lot of times they were even identical.

More years passed, mod-making became prominent and i was well into it for Heretic and Hexen, which to various degrees suffered from similar symptoms. After launching a successful mod "Wrath of Magic" for Heretic - in any version that it ever was, - my friends asked me to make something similar for DOOM.

And....i tried. Even worked with partners all over the world. Had a few releases of a mod named "Project NMD". (NMD stands for - no more Doom). Even though my buddies toyed with this for a while, and perhaps back in time me and my co-creators of NMD were satisfied. Alas....i can confess: that project ultimately was a FAILURE. It borrowed too much content from "Wrath of Magic", and while not being even remotely as good - all it served for was to be a mere mockery of the great Heretic mod.

Soon enough - people lost interest in it, and so did i. The project was abandoned, team members left and everyone forgot about the NMD.
However, - nobody forgot about the 3DO DOOM!!! Step by step everybody wanted to blast demons in dark halls with some cool rock music, and my friends surely didn't let me forget about it.

So, after some while - i agreed to remake the NMD project into something that it always should have been. It should never have been tangled with "Wrath of  Magic mod" - or to have cross matching content. It should have it's own feel, but in the same dark sinister entourage with it's own touch of techno-gothic style. That's how GOTHIC CHAPTER mod was born.
Here is a little demonstration of the comparison...below are the original screenshots from Doom, and on the right are those exact places with "Gothic Chapter" mod enabled.

1. Piss & vomit covered walls and other weird shit. Also shit screenshots in Doom will be provided below as well. 


2. Odd stains big grey balls and pig carcasses...exactly how did this became legendary...oh well....

3. A wall made of some really unknown garbage...decomposed egg cartons...with eggs still inside.


4. And here is the kicker: shit, ladies & gentlemen. This is SHIT! Surprisingly, shit does not appear in the 3DO or PS1 versions...there is actually LAND instead.

And if that was some bizzare attempt to imitate Hell environment...well well well, Dark Lords would be gravely offended and send all four Riders of the Apocalypse after those poor idiots. So better they admit that this was indeed shit. Unfortunately, there is a ton of similar stuff in PC Doom...but we will fix it, don't worry.