(for Legend: Farewell Edition 8.3)




CL-8 mod, (version 3) is the 1st DLC for Legend: Farewell Edition 8.3. What this does, - it brings Cleric class back to the character cast instead of the Corvus class. Cleric does appear to have some changes, although these are predominantly aesthetic. His flechette effect is powered down, and while still very effective, it is not as much of an overkill as in the vanilla Hexen.

Cleric is the weakest class in Legend:FW, and is the biggest mana-baby of them all. Due to a low-DPS melee weapon (which you will nonetheless be using quite a lot), his reliance on mana is greater than for any other character. So you will need all the secret places you can find to keep that battle energy going.  Cleric is the only hero who has weapon healing properties, the only one to wield Wraithverge-like artifact and generally has somewhat more predictable play-style. 


The first weapon of the Cleric - from the very start had to go away, since he could bore anyone to death with his mace, AND it looked very poor against the weapons of LEGEND. So it has been replaced with a TRIPLE ATTACK - Cleric does that with 2 weapons at the same time! New Morning Star  and a Dagger together! Though the weapon does not use Mana, yet merely having any amount of Blue Mana in your inventory - increases dagger damage. Other weapons remained pretty much the same.